Twister Anyone?


I was hanging out with some friends of mine Monday night. Imagine that, huh? Me hanging out with my friends. (Like that’s not an all the time occurrence!) I was watching people. Watching people is one of my favorite things to do. No, I’m not a psycho-stalker, more like a psycho-therapist.

This girl comes in that I know, not a friend really, more of an acquaintance. I know she’s been on again, off again with this guy who also comes in this establishment. When they’re off again, she’s not around much, when they are, she comes around.

I hadn’t seen her around so I assumed they were off-again. She was sitting there with a friend, and he comes in. He says hi to everyone (not me this time, he only says hi to me when it’s off-again.). He doesn’t say hi to her.

A few minutes pass, he sits at the other end, then her and her friend get up and leave, leaving their drinks behind. I’m aghast!

Drinks! Left behind!

Oh the shame!

Anyway, I watch a little longer, and sure enough, he follows them outside. A little later, all three come back in. She sits with some other friends, he continues to sit by himself, looking miserable.

And I think, is this a manipulation? She had to know he would come in. He does regularly. I tend to avoid places where I’d run into exes. Which is why I’m hesitant to date guys from my favorite places. There are places in town I refuse to go to on the off-chance of something like this happening. Believe it or not, there are guys that if I saw them in a social setting, I would be bothered enough to leave. It has happened. Do I go to these places? Um, negative.

So, I ponder this more. Is this something I missed out on in high school. Was I daydreaming through, “How to Get Him To Do What You Want”? Was I playing poker with the guys?

Seems a little bit like Twister to me.

When the game is over both players are contorted, uncomfortable, and in a position no one really wants to be in. Does anyone really win or does someone just give up?

How did things turn out for this couple?

Neither seemed particularly happy. Both seemed uncomfortable, and both seemed stuck in that position.

Is this how it works? Am I playing the wrong game? Personally, I like poker. You deal with the hand that’s dealt to you the best way you can. The rules are clearly defined, and everyone wants the same thing. 🙂

If it does work like Twister, I’m doomed.

Anyone have a cat? I need about twenty more if I’m going to be the weird cat lady.


For now, I’m off to ponder what game it is I want to play, if I have to play one at all. 🙂

Here’s to life lessons and learning the rules of the game!


I’m out!

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