The Funnel Day One

Well, my friends, I have dusted off the ol’ funnel.

My first order of business for the funnel?


That’s right, a major cleansing.

I’ve spent the last two days deleting numbers, deleting old text messages so I’m not tempted to add them back, and sending numerous text messages so that certain names do not appear in my “recently used” category.

Any guy who I chased (and didn’t chase me back), who was emotionally unavailable, or was just unsuitable for dating in general is being purged from my phone.

I want a sparkling clean funnel with no lingering emotionally unavailable cooties.

And that being said, I have some new rules for me.

1. I will not ask any guy out that I’m interested in, period. If he wants to take me out, he will have the you-know-what’s to ask. That doesn’t mean I won’t give a hint or two, but I will not ask.

2. I will not make excuses for bad behavior, i.e. saying he’ll call and not. If he can’t keep a simple promise like that, he’s not funnel-worthy, or even Soonergirl-worthy for that matter. Interested guys WANT to talk to you. Bad behavior will result in immediate drainage from the funnel.

3. Well, I can’t think of another rule yet. I’m sure one will come to me. I’m open for suggestions too. 🙂

For now, I’m off to put my feet up. It’s been a long day and it appears I have a couple of intriguing e-mails to answer…..:)

Here’s to a brand spanking new funnel!


2 thoughts on “The Funnel Day One

  1. We need to come up with a plan of where you are meeting these candidates for the funnel. The ones you just meet in a bar on a sloppy drunk night are never funnel worthy in my opinion.

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