The Dating Idiot Returns

With the return of the funnel, it was only a matter of time before the dating idiot stories returned too.

My latest dating idiot moment?

I was in my neigborhood hang-out Friday night talking to one of my guy friends, and we’re talking about the wedding we were all going to Saturday night. Weddings aren’t my thing. They’re too formal, I always make some kind of social faux pas, and I’m generally miserable the entire time.

So, I decide to cheer myself up about it, and look on the bright side.

“This does give me an excuse to go shopping, you know.” I tell him. Then my eyes light up as I realize this will mean SHOE SHOPPING as well.


Excuse me for a moment while I make the Homer Simpson noise.

Definitely cheered, I perk up a little.

My friend asks me what I plan on buying, more or less humoring me I’m sure.

I’ve been kicking around the thought of wearing more skirts, so I say, “Probably a skirt.”

“Oh yeah?” his eyes light up a little, “And heels?”


“Oh, if you wore a skirt and heels, I’d definitely hit on you.”

Now, is that not a hit itself? A guy telling you he’s going to hit on you is probably a clear indication of interest. Do I pick up on that?

Of course not.

What did I do? What do you think? I went shopping yesterday and bought a skirt and a pair of heels. And I called his bluff.

Did he hit on me?

Later, after the wedding, (which was one of the most enjoyable weddings I’ve been to), we were all back at the bar and I’m sitting with my friend. I reach out and punch his arm.

“You were supposed to hit on me!” I tell him.

“I did!” he tells me.


“What do you think that was when I stood beside you the entire time you were at the reception?”

“That was hitting on me?”

Apparently, I’m still a dating idiot.

How does one know when a guy is hitting on you vs. just making conversation?

Maybe this is just one disadvantage of having so many guy friends. I talk to guys all the time. It’s normal. I don’t assume they’re showing some kind of interest. I think if a guy asks for your phone number, that’s a definite sign. Or if he asks you out, that’s a definite sign.

Speaking of which, I need to wear more skirts. Both of those things happened for me last night. One guy asked for my phone number, and one asked me to do something today.

That was three definite hits last night. Only one goes in the funnel though.

Speaking of the funnel, it is definitely filling up. All the numbers I deleted have now been replaced with new numbers. All S.T.A.R.’s (Someone Trustworthy, Available, and Real–from Date Smart!).

Only one has resurfaced. He’s still not allowed back in the funnel. He’s not available.

I have two really good funnel candidates so far, and I haven’t really been trying that hard. 🙂

Let’s see what happens when I finally subcribe to those dating sites.


I’m out!

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