Sometimes You Gotta Have Faith

I don’t always talk about faith. I’ve always thought faith was a personal issue, but I guess if I can blog about what guys I’m dating, chasing, or running from, I can talk about a little religion every now and then.

My dad is my role model when it comes to religion. He’s a deeply religious man. One of my favorite things about going home to Oklahoma is getting up early and having coffee with my dad. Some mornings he reads his bible, and I simply enjoy the peace and quiet of my parent’s house.

I guess that’s why now one of my morning rituals is to have my coffee and read my prayer book. I love starting my day with some peace and quiet, so much so that I’ve even started ended my day that way as well. When I’m not so tired I’m nearly passing out, that is.

Last week was a particularly rough week. It was stressful in pretty much every way imaginable, except professionally for a change! By Friday, my hair was almost literally standing on end, and I was completely and utterly frazzled.

It being Friday, I ended up where I always end up on Friday, at my little hang-out. I hung out with my friends, not completely relaxed. I was still stressed.

It came time to close up and at that time I had two sets of friends still there. Both invited me to hang out with them. One set was my friends I hang out with all the time. The other set was some friends I hadn’t hung out with quite as much. Usually, I would choose the first set, but something made me choose the second set this time.

We ended up back at my friend’s house. We were all hanging out by the pool. It was late, and it was pretty quiet. I ended up rolled up my jeans and letting my feet dangle in the pool. Then, I ended up laying back and staring at the stars.

And then, little by little, I felt the stress just drain away.

It was amazing.

What does this have to do with faith? When I needed a friend, a friend was there. I talked and talked and talked until my stress was gone. What I needed was provided for me.

All I had to do was wait and have a little faith.

Even this week, when times have gotten stressful, I think back to sitting by the pool, staring at the stars and feeling (for the moment at least) stress free. And this week, even with some of the same problems, has not been half as bad.

It definitely wasn’t what I expected, but it was definitely appreciated.

For now, I’m off to relax, watch some tv, and start to gear up for another weekend. 🙂

Here’s to life’s little suprises and having a little faith!

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