Does Age Really Matter?

Ahhhh! A Saturday off! I haven’t had one of these in so long I don’t remember what they’re like! Don’t get me wrong, I love my Saturday job, but sometimes a girl needs some time to relax and play in the yard. Or maybe just play in general. You know, all work and no play makes Soonergirl a very dull girl. 🙂

Yeah, yeah, we all know that Soonergirl MAKES time to play. I don’t think anyone would ever accuse me of being dull. At least I hope not.

What do I have planned for today?

I’m playing in my yard. My poor flowers are drooping and being overrun by weeds. I’m putting out my Halloween decorations, and cleaning up the few remaining limbs from Gustav.

I’m watching the Sooner game. The Sooners are looking good this year! We’re number one on the AP, baby!

I’m going to cook something. I have a craving for chili. I may make a big pot, may invite some friends over, if I get the next item done on my list.

I’m cleaning my house before the crew of COPS show up to film a segment here. It’s a mess. It’s amazing how much doesn’t get done when you work six days a week and you have a fifteen year old who’s nickname should be Pigpen. 🙂

And that’s pretty much a full day. I don’t want to overexert myself on my day off. That would kinda defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it?

Well, I am going to do some writing, but I guess I’ve kinda started with that already.

I have had some interesting news to report on the funnel front. My funnel is empty right now, but as always I’m okay with that. I’ve been trying to keep my funnel reports to a minimum simply because I’ve started to wonder if maybe guys that I’m interested don’t want to be written about. I’ve had a couple guys kind of say something. Actually, when a guy says, “Don’t put this in your blog!” isn’t really kind of saying something is he?

And, I’ve been trying to branch out and write about other things anyway. If I really want to write about my funnel, I darn well will.

So, I’m darn well writing about this.

In the past three weeks, I’ve met two guys. Let’s start with the first guy I met, Guy A. Guy A showered me with attention, is a successful business owner, and hot.

Guy B also showered me with attention, is a great listener, has a good, calm head on his shoulders, and treated me like the princess I am.


One is 21, which even for me who tends to date younger, is too young. And the other is in his 50’s and was only interested in one thing. When he didn’t get it, he disappeared.

What I’ve realized from my experiences is that age doesn’t always equal maturity. It doesn’t automatically mean that a guy that’s older is going to treat you with more respect. I thought that at one time. Guy B treated me with the utmost respect. He respected my personal space boundary lines. He respected my thoughts, my opinions. He listened to me. We talked about everything from living in the country, to the war in Iraq, we even talked about the Holocaust. Do you think Guy A and I discussed half that much? Nope.

Maybe maturity isn’t the word I’m looking for though. Maybe it’s emotional maturity balanced with emotional availability. Was Guy A emotionally available? Nope. Was Guy B? Yes.

Just my luck, huh? Great guy, great connection, cute, EMOTIONALLY AVAILABLE, just too darn young.

Go figure. 🙂

But how big of a factor is age in relationships? I have polled my guys and only one has said it’s a big factor. He said when you’re close to the same age you’re closer to being on the same page. You have similar goals. I’m not sure I agree with that one.

I think being on the same page means being in similar spots in life and going the same direction. I don’t think it has anything to do with age. We’re all traveling different paths, we’re all at different spots. We’re all traveling at different speeds. I think it’s more important to find someone you have a connection with and someone with similar goals, thoughts, and morals.

Obviously something is going on with me because those aren’t the only two guys that have shown interest in me. It never ceases to amaze me that it’s when you could really care less about being in a relationship that the men just start coming out of the woodwork.

I was leaving my favorite watering hole Thursday when I stopped to pet Princess, the lounge pet. I was just having a good old time, minding my own business when a guy comes out. Now, I’ve noticed this guy before. He’s a good-looking man. He’s tall, blonde-headed, nicely built, quiet and polite. And he’s not too young or too old. He made it apparent through conversation that he was not attached, I made it apparent also. We talked about our kids. He invited me to the next place they were going, but alas, I had to turn him down. I was leaving because my allergies were acting up. My eyes were watering and itchy, my nose was red,  I was sneezy. I was ready to go home. And I had made plans to watch a movie with one of my friends. He said he’d see me around. I guess we’ll see. He knows where to find me if he’s interested enough to look. 😉 

On that note, as I’m looking out my window and seeing a bright and beautiful fall day, I think it’s time to wrap this up and get outside. I have a day off to enjoy!

Here’s to fall days and days off!


I’m out!

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