Love at First Sight?


I was reading one of my cheesy romances the other day. You know the formula….girl meets boy, sparks fly, they fight, realize they’re made for each other and live happily ever after.

These were some of the first books I ever read, and I really think they warped my mind. I think I read so many of them I thought this was how relationships were supposed to work out.

So for years, I’ve searched for sparks. I’ve searched high and low for that love at first sight feeling, those butterflies, all that stuff. I’ve been convinced that people are fated to be together and when you meet that certain someone you JUST KNOW.

Maybe that does happen. I don’t know. I’ve never experienced love at first sight. And certainly none of my best relationships have come from this. My best relationships (including my current one) have not been love at first sight.
Were (and are, I guess) there sparks? Of course.
But, I think the sparks came (come) from really knowing someone. At least for me. I LOVE dependability. I thrive on it. And I’m at my happiest in a relationship when I’m with someone I know and trust.

Love at first sight?

Maybe lust.

Not love.

I think that’s for the movies, and for the cheesy romances. Will I keep watching these movies, keep reading these cheesy romances? Of course.

Just because I no longer really believe in love at first sight doesn’t mean I don’t believe in romance.

Those are two entirely different things. 🙂

And the most romantic holiday of all is coming up.

What will I be doing this year for Valentine’s Day?

It’s still early, but I already know, I’ll be spending my Valentine’s Day at the Rio parade. My absolute favorite Mardi Gras parade. Well, except for the Endymion parade in New Orleans.

For now, I’m off to rest and relax and read some more cheesy romances. 🙂
Here’s to love at second sight?

3 thoughts on “Love at First Sight?

  1. I look in your eyes, sprinkle like the stars
    I see the passion in them.
    Saying to to me;”‘ Please love me too.”
    I feel your arms hugs me.
    Again saying to me ;Please love me.”
    My arms around you saying ;”‘ please love me.”
    I feel your lips touch mine.
    And your lips scream to me,”PLEASE LOVE ME!”
    My lips scream back ” PLEASE LOVE ME TOO!”
    We stand in this room
    Wanting the other to love us.
    Your heart beats and yells to me,
    Like its miles away.
    yet again saying to me,
    Please love me .”
    My heart beats and I say;”I have alway loved you.”
    You walked away and I fall to peices.
    You came back and kiss
    The broken parts of my lips
    And I say;”i have alway loved you too.
    The broken parts of me,
    come together like glue.
    Now I am no longer broken.

  2. hmm its not exactly lust.. cuz i experienced “love at first sight” last week.. i wasn’t really serious though.. but im pretty definite thr was some kind of attraction between each other 🙂
    all my desire now is to meet her again and talk to her.. i can neither actually say its love or i’d rather term it as a simple “crush”

  3. Tanya, thank you for the beautiful poem. Porsamini, good luck with the new “love”. Isn’t it wonderful to feel those little butterflies?

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