Kings of Leon

My New Favorite Band…..

You know how much I love music. If I’m not writing about life or relationships, I’m writing about music. I go through my phases. I go through my country, 80’s, heavy metal, weirdly alternative phases. And lately I can tell my tastes or phases changing again. My new favorite bands are not as heavy as they were, I’m not listening to as much Deftones, A Perfect Circle, or Alice in Chains. I’m listening to Lifehouse, some country, and my new favorite band, Kings of Leon. A friend of mine played this song on the jukebox a few weeks ago, and seriously, I thought this was an 80’s song that I’d never heard before. It reminded me so much of Bruce Springsteen or Eddie and the Cruisers. But, it’s not. It’s a band that is new. I was surprised. So, if you haven’t heard this song or any others by Kings of Leon and you like a little 80’s sounding band, you should check them out.

For now, I’m off to enjoy a nice, quiet weekend at home.

Peace, ya’ll.

I’m out!

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