All Work and No Play

I was reading a magazine article recently.  It said one of the biggest misconceptions women have about what their lives should be is that their lives should be balanced. And I have to agree.  The more I try to balance my life, the more UNBALANCED it becomes. And the more frustrated I get.

I was thinking about that today.  Most of you know I work two jobs.  I have a full time teaching job and I work part time as a bartender. Usually on the weekends, but lately, I’ve been working double shifts on Saturdays.

Try balancing two jobs, being a single mom, a girlfriend, a housekeeper, a teacher, a sister, a daughter, a friend, and any other hat I wear.

It cannot be done. 

Something suffers.  It may be the housework, it may be that those papers don’t get graded until another day, or that dinner isn’t always home cooked. 

And what happens to me in the process?

I get worn out.  I’ve never been able to find balance so reading this article was like a godsend to me.  I realized that I’ve been searching for the Holy Grail, and let me tell you, my search is more Monty Python than reality.

So last week, I work my five days at my teaching job, work Saturday night, then get up this morning already thinking of all I need to get done.

It was enough to make me pull my hair out.  I needed to clean the kitchen, finish painting the cabinets, do laundry, the list goes on and on.

You know what I did?

I chucked my mental list into my mental trashcan and hit the road. 

I went to the flea market, browsed around.  Went to Lowe’s and bought some vegetables for my new little veggie garden, went and visited with some friends.  And on my way back, another friend called and asked me to meet her at the festival. 

So  I went.

I had a blast.  I was sitting there relaxing, listening to the good music and feeling the sun on my face, the wind in my hair and I realized I don’t take enough time to do that.  I go and I go and I go until I poop out and can’t go anymore.

I wear myself out.  And I know I’m not the only one who does this. 

I was reading my little devotional book earlier and it said man (and I’m assuming woman) wasn’t meant to work all the time.  That we needed breaks to rejuvenate ourselves.  What a timely lesson that is for me.

I need to take breaks for me.  So that I don’t wear myself out.

After all, the old adage is true…..All work and no play makes Alisha a very dull (and a very tired) old girl.

So, I made a decision today.  This week, I am going to finish those cabinet doors.  And then, we’re packing up the Saturn and hitting the road.  We’re packing the tents, the ice chests, and heading out.  Where we end up who knows.  All I know is I’m going to take some time to relax.  To enjoy some sun.  Maybe do some crabbing and shrimping and have a big old boil right on some beach. 

I’m excited already.

For now, I’m off to rub some aloe on this sunburn I acquired today.  It was well worth it. 🙂

Peace ya’ll!

Here’s to a great week!

I’m out!

Les Claypool is the (Bass) Man!

One of the perks of my second job is the internet jukebox. All kinds of different people come in playing all kinds of different music. I get exposed to artists that I probably listen to otherwise.

One of my new favorite bands is Primus. Well,  Les Claypool, the bassist. I love the way he plays the bass. It’s so different, and to me, unique. I can’t think of another bassist that sounds the same. If you listen to their other songs like “Mr. Krinkle”, the music revolves around his bass.  I love it.

I’m all about different and unique. 🙂

Anyway, just thought I would share. For now, I’m off to get some rest. I have a big day of painting tomorrow. Fun, fun!

Here’s to great music!

Peace! I’m out!

BTW, if you have a moment, check out the blog nod I got from the Authentic Times Blog! Woo-hoo! I’m getting noticed!


I remember a post I wrote a long time ago about my dog Sammie. Sammie loves to hunt outside. She will spend hours outside with her nose to the ground hunting something. I’ve gone outside I don’t know how many times trying to figure out what it is that she was hunting. I’ve never figured it out. And I don’t think Sammie has either. At one time I compared my hunt for a relationship to Sammie’s search. I was searching for something but not quite sure what it was, and not quite sure what I would do with it if I ever caught it.
And it’s true.
Like Sammie, I was unsure of what it is I was looking for, and I was unsure of what to do with it when I found it. And it’s been a little bit of an adjustment to me lately while I’ve had to figure out just what it is I want to do with this relatively new relationship I’ve found myself in.
Relationships are not easy. I told someone the other day that being in a relationship is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Ironically enough.  I never thought that being single would be easier. But it is.  Is it better? It depends. In my case? It’s not. A good relationship is worth it.
This idea was reiterated when I heard someone say that you choose to love someone and you choose to stay in a relationship. She said that sometimes she thought it would be much easier to walk away than stay and work it out. This was coming from someone who had been in a relationship with the same person for years. 
I was hanging out with some friends of mine the other night, and one of my friends told me that she had never seen me look as good as I did that night. And I attributed a little of that to my relationship. She did too. I’m going to be cheesy for a moment and say that it’s been a long time since I’ve been this happy.
Yes, relationships are hard work, but a good relationship is worth it. It takes good communication, a lot of trust, and a willingness to compromise.  And maybe the hardest thing for me is that willingness to compromise. For a long time, I’ve had the attitude of “it’s my way or the highway” but that doesn’t work in a relationship. And it’s probably one of the harder lessons I’ve had to learn.
It’s about priorities. You make that person a priority and they do the same for you.
It’s quite refreshing actually.
And worth the effort when the effort is returned. 🙂
Here’s to great relationships and spring break and Easter! Let us not forget the true reason for this holiday!
I’m out!