Sharpening The Knife

After a three year hiatus from a serious relationship, I’m finding that navigating the waters of new relationship to be a bit of an adventure.

Being single definitely has it’s advantages.  You answer to no one.  You get the whole bed to yourself.  You get to learn about you and what you want. 

But, I’m learning that being in a good relationship has it’s advantages too.  You have someone to laugh with, to share things with, and you get to continue to learn about yourself and what you want.

But, like being single, it’s not all rosy.  What happens after that initial glow rubs off?  When you start to see the warts, when you have your first fight?  That’s when the REAL adventure kicks in. 

I was talking with a friend of mine recently, sharing some of of my frustrations when he asked me, “Alisha, have you ever had a knife?”

I look at him with my puzzled pug look, “Of course I have.  Why?”

“Has that knife ever gone dull?”

“Yes.”  I’m still confused.  I have no clue what this has to do with my relationship.

“Alisha, sometimes you have to sharpen the knife so it continues to work.”

And just like that it made sense.  Sometimes you have to sharpen the knife of your relationship.  After that initial rush wears off, it can get dull.  It’s up to the two of you to do what needs to be done to sharpen it back up.

How do you sharpen it? 




Having a sense of humor and a willingness to inject a little wackiness into the relationship seems to work as well. 

After all, I wouldn’t be me without a little wackiness. 🙂

For now, I’m off to enjoy a little rest and relaxation.  This wacky girl is tired. 

Here’s to new adventures and “sharpening the knife”!


I’m out!

2 thoughts on “Sharpening The Knife

  1. After being married almost nine years, I’ve also figured out that the idea that it “waxes & wanes” is also true. I used to freak out when things were waning a little. I’ve figured out that during a waning period, this is not the time to hold onto the relationship with two clenched fists. It’s the time to go back to yourself a little. You’ve gotten a little boring, a little out of touch with yourself. Give the other person & yourself some room.

    And you’ll come back together because you’re missed & you miss him, and you have something to talk about again.

  2. That’s some excellent advice, Wendy! I’d probably be the one to hold on rather than go do my own thing. But then again, one of the problems we had at first was I was ALWAYS doing my own thing.

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