Paranormal State

“Did you see that?”

“Did you hear that?”


If you are a fan of shows like Extreme Paranormal or Paranormal State like I am, these are phrases you hear on a regular basis. There’s something strange going on in someone’s house, business, on their land or something, and they’ll call in one of the paranormal research groups. They’ll be in this house at ‘dead time’ talking to spirits, poltergeists, or worse dark spirits, and then something will make a noise in the quiet. Sometimes it’ll be a bang, sometimes a scary sounding growl, sometimes it’ll be a phrase like, “GET OUT!”

This would never be me. I’m waaayyyyy too jumpy. This could be because my son and my boyfriend think it’s extremely amusing to be waiting for me to come out of the bathroom to jump out at me. Or because they get a big laugh out of coming up behind me and grabbing me.

Of course things have slowed down a bit with that after I told both of them that one of these days they were going to scare me and I would enter “flight or flight” and punch them in the face.  An empty threat, but it’s been enough to make them both stop and think before scaring the beejesus out of me again.

Ironic, isn’t it, that someone so jumpy is so fascinated with ghosts.

I was reading a post the other day on a discussion board “Do you believe in ghosts?” I never read the responses, but I thought of what an interesting question that is.

Is there such thing as ghosts?

And why are people so afraid of ghosts? Is it the unknown? Because I’m telling you, if you watch the news there’s good reason for us to be more afraid of people BEFORE they become ghosts. There haven’t been a lot of stories about ghosts killing people, but there sure are a lot of stories about PEOPLE killing people.

When I first moved out of my parent’s house and into my ex-husband’s house, I can tell you that something was definitely wrong with that house.  I hated being alone in that house. I was always uneasy all the time.  The nightmares I had in that house were so vivid I can still remember some of them today, over fifteen years later.

I remember one night after waking up from one of these nightmares and seeing someone standing in the corner. He was just shadowy enough for me to realize he wasn’t a real person, but clear enough for me to see what he looked like.

I wasn’t scared when I saw him. I was merely curious.

I never saw him again after that. Just that one time.

Later, my ex-husband told me that he had messed around with some occult stuff in the house before I moved in.

Were there ghosts there?

I don’t know. Other than those experiences, I never saw anything else or heard anything. Maybe it was just my anxiety over living somewhere other than my parent’s manifesting itself in my psyche or something. Again, I don’t know. I DO know that I’ve never had experiences quite like that again. No matter what new curveball life had thrown at me.

Do I think there was something there?

Most definitely.

On one of the Paranormal State episodes recently, there was a couple who’s roommate had dabbled in the occult, and they ended up (according to the show), inviting something not very nice into their home. I think that’s what my ex had done. I think with his experimenting he’d done something that left its imprint on that house.

Who knows? I’m not a paranormal investigator. I just watch them on TV.

But to say, “There’s no such thing as ghosts”? How do we know there’s NOT?

Good questions. What do you guys think? Feel free to share your experiences too. We’ll have our very own Ghostly Gab.

For now, I’m off to work on my never-ending to do list.

Peace! I’m out!

Great Reads

Not only do I love to write blogs, I love to read what others are blogging about. I get some great ideas reading what others have written. I like to see what ideas are out there, what people are thinking, and what they are interested in. So I thought today, I would post a few of the blogs I’ve really enjoyed reading lately.

If you have a minute, stop in an read a couple. 🙂  You won’t be disappointed.

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This one inspired an upcoming blog of my own on what I appreciate.

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Short and interesting news stories

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Young Cadence (University of Music)

A wealth of information about music!

What A Girl Wants

A great blog that makes me want to “Step out of the boat!”

For now, I’m off to enjoy some more vacation time!

Peace! I’m out!

I Resolve To….

I absolutely LOVE this time of year! Not only is there great food involved, there’s catching up with friends and family, (for me) there’s some time off, and I love the reflection this time of year inspires. I like looking back and think about what went well during the past year, and of course what didn’t go so well.  And I like to think about what I’d like to do differently.

What went well for me this year? I switched to a new job that I find rewarding and challenging. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve lost my mind considering the stress level of my job, but most days at the end of the day I feel like I’ve accomplished something.

I also worked hard and lost 13 pounds and KEPT IT OFF. I’ve NEVER done this before. I’ve lost weight, gained it back, gained more, lost, gained, I’m sure you get the picture. I finally became friends with exercise again. I LOVE the time I spend with my treadmill.

What didn’t go so well? Well, as stated in an earlier blog, I didn’t take enough time for me. I let myself spent so much time and energy on others that it left me drained. I can’t do that anymore. I have to find a balance that allows me to take care of me so that I can be myself and take care of others.

And in not taking as much time for myself, I didn’t take enough to write.  I didn’t get any of the writing finished that I wanted to. I didn’t finish Carly’s story, I didn’t rewrite All I Want, I didn’t blog nearly as much as I wanted to. But, I’ve decided that’s one thing I’m going to start working on for next year.

I want to do more writing. And I want to progress from random blogs to more professional article writing and fiction writing. Recently, I found a piece of writing I had done in college and it reminded me that not only do I love the creative aspect of writing, of putting my words on paper. I like the challenge of the CRAFT. I love experimenting with words and phrases, twisting and turning the words to make them express exactly what I want to say. Most of the time, I just type out my thoughts, do a spell check, do a grammar check and publish.

I want to write something that MEANS something now. I want to write, think, rewrite. Mull it over; try to figure out what I can do to make it better. What can I add? What can I take out? I want to focus more on quality and less on quantity.

And I want to get published again.  It doesn’t matter where. I just want to see my name written somewhere other than on my own blog.

I guess you can say this is one of my New Year’s Resolutions.

My others?

To continue to diet, exercise, and lose weight. That way I’ll look fabulous on that book jacket someday. 😉

And in doing so, I’ll be taking care of me.

All three work in relation to the other.

For now, I’m off to enjoy some ME time on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.

What am I going to do?

Whatever I want.

Peace! I’m out!

And for those of you who need some resolution inspiration, here’s some links you can check out.

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Christmas Wish 2009

Many, many, years ago when Keith was still just a toddler, I was an avid All My Children fan.  One of my favorite episodes was the “Wishing Star” episode. In this episode, it was Christmas Eve, Tad and Dixie had been separated and both were walking through the snow, alone and looking up at the stars. In true soap opera fashion, both stop and see a star and make a wish on it at the same time even though they’re nowhere around each other.

Every Christmas since, I’ve made a Christmas wish.  I usually try to make it on Christmas Eve, sometimes I make it before then and sometimes after then. And every year, I’ve done my very best to make it come true. The first year, I was married and miserable and vowed I’d be happier by the next Christmas.

I was.

When Mr. Unavailable had my life turned upside down with his constant entrances and sudden disappearances, I wished for resolutions. After three years in a row, I had it.

Third time was the charm for that one, I guess.

This year?

Well, since my Christmas wish is generally more of a Christmas resolution since it’s not generally something I leave to chance; my wish is that for the next year, I’m able to focus on ME.

I’m going to make my wish and resolve that I make this year all about ME.


Not really.

My son is 17, mostly raised, going to community college next month. He’s pretty much self-sufficient at this point.

I’ve been giving more of myself than what I’m getting in return and it’s worn me out.  It’s made me grumpy, impatient, moody, and really just not myself.

It’s time for that to change.

It’s time for me. It’s time for me to make time for ME. To do what I want. To take care of me.

And in return, I’ll be better for it. I’ll be happier, more patient, and myself.

That is my Christmas wish; I wish that 2010 will be the year of Alisha.

And I vow to make that happen.

And I’ve already started. Someone asked me last night what I was doing for Christmas Eve and I said, “Whatever I want.”

The response I got, “You go girl.”

And for the time being, that’s going to be my mantra.

“Whatever I want.”

For now, I’m off to rest and relax. This is what I WANT to do right now.

Here’s to Christmas wishes!

Hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday season.

Peace! I’m out

The Real Reasons For The Season

“Why can’t I have a normal dog like everyone else?” exclaims Charlie Brown after Snoopy comes running down the sidewalk, grabs him and Rerun by the hands, dances around for a bit then throws them in the snow.

“But you’re lucky to HAVE a dog, Charlie Brown!” says Rerun who wants his own dog for Christmas.

How often do we do this? We take for granted what we have, thinking about what could be better or normal, or whatever. We don’t stop to think that the one thing we complain about is the one thing someone else wants. We complain about paying the house note, or want a bigger and better house and forget that’s the one thing someone else wants.

I was Charlie Brown for a bit this Christmas. Only I was saying, ‘Why can’t I buy Christmas gifts for everyone that I want to?” And a few nights ago, it hit me that I couldn’t buy that many because I have so many friends. Isn’t friendship a gift in itself? Only it’s a gift that gives all year, not one day and it’s definitely not anything you can buy in any store. I don’t think anyone ever really says, “Why do I have to have so many friends?” (I have been known to say, “Why can’t I have normal friends like everyone else?” But that’s beside the point.)

Christmas has become so commercialized. In fact, even the questions that we ask each other have even become about the gifts. We ask each other, “Have you gotten your Christmas shopping done?”, “What are you buying so and so for Christmas?”  It’s tough sometimes to remember the real reason for the season.

One of my goals for this Christmas is to stop thinking about what I can’t have/buy/don’t have/etc. And think about and treasure the wonderful things that I do have/can buy/can have. I want to embrace the positive and throw out the negative. And that’s not just a goal for Christmas. I think this actually may become one of my New Year’s Resolutions.

My other goal would be to give the gifts of time and friendship all year round next year. There are a few friends I’ve drifted away from that I’d like to reconnect with.  And there are friends I have that I want to continue to be there for, to help and support and to continue to make memories with.

After all, isn’t that really one of the things that Christmas is about? Spreading love and cheer? Shouldn’t we do this all year?

I think so.                    

For now, I’m off to write my 2000 words today, then get started packing. Looks like I have a long drive tomorrow.

Peace, love, and friendship!

I’m out!

Here I Come A-Caroling

It’s that time of year again, when I finally stop bah-humbing and get into the Christmas spirit. For some reason, this always seems to coincide with finally being out on Christmas break.

One thing I LOVE about Christmas is the carols.Not surprising when you consider how much I love music.

Soooooo….sounds to me like it’s about time for yet another musical blog.

My top five favorite Christmas carols.

1. The Carol of The Bells (The Metallica Version)

2. All I Want for Christmas Is You, Mariah Carey

3. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, sung by Sarah McLachlan

4. I’ll Be Home For Christmas, sung by Sheryl Crow

And last but not least, my absolute favorite…..

5. Hard Candy Christmas by Dolly Parton

And a little lagniappe…Two videos I ran across while searching….Enjoy

Larry The Cable Guy’s Twisted Carols

Twisted Sister’s Heavy Metal Christmas

Here’s to Christmas and some great music!

Peace ya’ll. I’m out!