Great Reads

Not only do I love to write blogs, I love to read what others are blogging about. I get some great ideas reading what others have written. I like to see what ideas are out there, what people are thinking, and what they are interested in. So I thought today, I would post a few of the blogs I’ve really enjoyed reading lately.

If you have a minute, stop in an read a couple. πŸ™‚Β  You won’t be disappointed.

Mama Stress

A humorous blog that includes recipes!

7 I Appreciate Yous

This one inspired an upcoming blog of my own on what I appreciate.

Alternate Views and News

Short and interesting news stories

Out of Context: Pieces of a Life

Quirky little phrases that make you think.

Crime Narrative

Everything about crime stories

Young Cadence (University of Music)

A wealth of information about music!

What A Girl Wants

A great blog that makes me want to “Step out of the boat!”

For now, I’m off to enjoy some more vacation time!

Peace! I’m out!

6 thoughts on “Great Reads

  1. SG,
    It’s good to see your interest of both reading and writing. I’m glad to dicover your blog and wish to keep coming regularly. I also like and appreciate N.P’s blog: Out of Context: Pieces of a Life.
    thanks so much for visiting and appreciating my photography blog as well.
    Best Wishes.

  2. Really appreciate the shout-out! Gracious of you to dedicate a post to others that are working away at their respective niches.

    Anyways, hope your vacation is as relaxing as it should be. Going to keep scrolling on here for a little while longer.


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