A Review

Just thought I’d share a recent review of my blog. I thought it was pretty accurate! 🙂


I’m out for now. New blogs coming soon!

Hello Alisha,

Thanks for joining the discussion we hope our review will give an idea of how your readers may perceive you.

The first impression we have of your blog is a positive feeling. I suppose that the green and the blue create this atmosphere. It immediately gives us a welcoming sensation and the reader may expect it to be the blog of a young author. And it’s not totally wrong.

Your posts have a personal touch, and while reading it we discover a personal journal that likes to reminiscence and tell anecdotes. It seems to be a way for you to express sensations and desires you want to live again.

You blog is nor about communicating facts, neither about conveying a message. It’s a way for you to be you, or the Groovy you and get the kid in you back out.Your blog is spontaneous and refreshing but not without wisdom. It is a quest, a journey. We see that you love communicating and storytelling is a part of it. Reading the post “good advice” can tell us more about it. We also discover a person that loves to see people communicate and have a constructive approach to life. The fact that you don’t get many comments probably doesn’t really bother you. You’re not looking for discussions; there are other ways to communicate. On the other hand, you appreciate when your readers share their experiences and stories.

As most other Idealists, you enjoy sharing above all and that is why you write about blogs you enjoy reading or put widgets of causes you believe in. And like most other Idealist you do not have your personal domain name, because you want to be free. Having your own domain name is often perceived by Idealists as creating a cage; a virtual place that forces responsibility on the writer’s shoulders.

Yes indeed, most readers will probably perceive you as an idealist.
The Idealist

Focused on making their world a better place, the Idealists are constantly looking for the truth and its meaning.Driven by what they perceive as the greater good, they tend to have a strong value-system and find principles to be of great importance.

The Idealist Zilhouette

If I may just give one little suggestion: add an “about page”. People like to know more about the author and I think, a few lines will motivate them more to read your blog; if that is what you desire.Thanks in advance for sharing feedback with us.


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