The Sistahood’s Relationship Rubric

I’m baaaaack! God Lord, it’s been too long. My fingers have just been itching to get some new writing done! So, without further ado here we go……..

I am a teacher, and as a teacher we grade LOTS of papers. To do this, we use rubrics. I guess you could say a rubric is a guide for grading. If they meet these certain criteria, they get this certain grade.

I’m also a single gal. Again. So, awhile back I had thought how handing it would be to have a rubric to help me “grade” men. This would give me a general idea of which guys would be worthy of bringing home and showing to mom, “Look what I got mom!”. And which ones I should basically “round” file.

I did try one of my friend’s funnel theories. The theory where you put all your prospects in a funnel, mix them around, learn more about them, then let one’s you’re not interested in fall out. This rubric is more or less, an addition to this theory. Anyone that doesn’t meet at least the 7-8 criteria, gets funneled out. And this time, I have to remember that when I funnel one out. I DO NOT let them back in. Recycling is not a good thing in this situation.

Now, men, you can also use this rubric, just change “man” to “woman.” And “queen” to “king.”

The rubric? Here it is…..

The Sistahood’s Relationship Rubric

0 This man does not reach a standard described by ANY of the descriptors.

1-2 This man is generally disorganized, unclear, unclean, unavailable, and/or incoherent. He employs his critical apparatus inappropriately or not at all.

3-4 This man shows the beginnings of potential but lacks some key elements. (i.e. financial security, clean prison record, etc.). He employs his critical apparatus with limited success.

5-6 This man is generally organized, clear, clean, available, and communicative. He also generally employs his critical apparatus correctly.

7-8 This man is usually well-organized, clear, clean, available, and communicative. He has good ideas to build upon.

9-10 This man is consistently well-organized, clear, clean, available, and communicative. He recognizes that you are the Queen and respects you appropriately. This man employs his critical apparatus correctly AND effectively.

Searching for a relationship shouldn’t be all that serious should it?


I’m out!

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