My Next Ex-Husbands

Ok, before you get any ideas, I’m not trying to be another Liz Taylor. Nor am I planning on running off and becoming a groupie. Not that being a groupie hasn’t crossed my mind, being the rock star fan that I am. It’s simply not a possibility for me right now. This is simply something that has become a running joke between my friends and me. There are some lead singers out there that when I hear their sexy voices on the jukebox, I point to the jukebox and say, “That’s my next ex-husband.” Finally, one night, a friend of mine said, “Alisha, just how many ex-husbands are you planning on having?”

That’s a good question. So, I thought, and I thought. And finally, I came up with a number. My number? Five. Which makes six ex-husbands total, if you count the real ex-husband I already have.

Who are my next ex-husbands? Keep in mind these are in no particular order….

1. Sully from Godsmack

2. Jacoby from Papa Roach.

3. Benjamin from Breaking Benjamin

4. Aaron from Staind

5. Pete from Chevelle

Any of these guys can serenade me any day………

I’m out!

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