Seasons Change

“Seasons change
People change”

Last year, I made a photo collage for the place I work. It is full of so many memories. Everyone now and then someone will go and browse, they’ll point and laugh, tell a little story about what is going on in that picture.

I was working recently and it was a little slow. I was scanning the pictures and it struck me how there were a few people in the collage that were so prominent in our lives that weren’t present now. For whatever reasons, they had drifted out of our life and onto something else.

It made me think of the song, “Seasons Change”, and how true that is. Seasons change, feelings change, people change. Relationships and friendships are that way. Some people drift away, some people stay constant, and some drift in a and out on the tides.

And as individuals we change. Sometimes we change for the best, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes how we change affects those relationships. Sometimes it’s that change that causes people to come in, or out, of our lives. Sometimes people come back, sometimes they don’t.

And the seasons of our life change. I lived my seasons backwards. I never do anything the way most people do. I married early, had a child early, divorced early, then went back and lived an unspent youth. I was living this “season” when most people I knew were getting married, having kids, some divorcing, some not.

We have to change and we have to be able to accept change, otherwise we become stagnant and bitter. And I feel another season coming on. What that season is, I really have no clue. I’ve already done everything most people have done at my age, and I’m too young to retire. Nor am I all that interested in a second marriage or second family.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s the “Season of the Queen.” The season I start taking care of me, my wants, my dreams. Hmmmmmm. I think that sounds like a damn good idea. No more Queen Sooner DAY. This could be the beginning of an entire season of celebrating myself and what I hold most dear.

I think I have a plan. 🙂

For now, I’m off to find myself a good cup of coffee and enjoy the quiet of the morning. I may even sit outside and watch the sun come up.

New day, new season?

Sounds awesome to me.

Peace! I’m out.

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