Keep Me In Mind

How come all the pretty girls like you are taken baby?”

Joey winced as Carly sang along to the music. Carly couldn’t carry a tune if it were in the proverbial bucket.

“Keep me in mind”

Really, like he could do anything else. He had been a fool for her since seventh grade. She only saw him as a friend. And he lacked the courage to do anything about it. What if he lost his friendship with her?

He watched as she wiped off the bar tables, singing and swaying a little as she worked. Did she have a clue how nearly irresistible she was?

“Careful dude,” Gage said, “You’re going to need that rag soon for all that drool dripping down your chin.”

Joey narrowed his eyes at his friend. The three of them had been friends since middle school. They’d been inseparable then and still were. If you saw one of them, you almost always saw the other two. Even gone into business together and bought a bar. The money wasn’t great, but they liked the people they worked for.

Carly had finished wiping all the tables down. Over the past few months, the three of them had developed a closing routine that worked for them. Carly straightened the bar, Gage stocked, and Joey took care of the money.

“I think about you somedays
And the way I would lay and waste a day after day with you.”

Joey could definitely think of a few ways he would lay and waste a few days with her.

Gage smiled at him and went to the jukebox. He definitely had something in mind. Something that would make him horribly uncomfortable.

“If you ever wanted me, I’ll be your man”

That was the problem. He had no idea how she felt. Carly was always complaining about men. Why couldn’t she find the right one? Where were all the good men at? And his favorite, Why can’t I find a man like you, Joey? Really, like him? She could have HIM.

Gage finished up at the jukebox and came around behind the bar. He grabbed two glasses and filled them with a generous splash of Jack, and a little Coke. Joey and Carly’s favorite. Joey eyed him suspiciously. The three of them always had a drink together after closing. They had one drink, chatted about nothing in particular, then went their separate ways.

“Where’s yours, Gage?”

“Um, I made plans to meet that young gorgeous hottie for breakfast.” he grinned.
“Really?” Joey narrowed his brown eyes. Gage had never been a good liar. Although there was no doubt that his womanizing friend would be meeting some young hot thing later, it wouldn’t be for breakfast.

Gage grinned again as the songs switched from upbeat to slow and seductive. Perfect for dancing. With Carly. Especially since the song just happened to be one of Carly’s favorites. Usually she grabbed up Gage to dance with. This time, Gage gave him a wink and slipped out the back door. Leaving him alone. With Carly. And the seductive strains of a Country song.

(This was inspired by the writing prompt…”Take the first line of your favorite song and write a story using it as the first line. ” I just added in three of my favorite characters. I think I’m going to do a series.)

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