Musical Bucket List

As a music lover, I have been extremely lucky. I have been able to see many of the bands I’ve wanted to see. I have sang (and sometimes screamed) along with most of my favorite artists as they’ve played my favorite songs live. I told someone recently that I had a musical bucket list and they asked me who was on it. I was actually stumped. I had to sit and think about what bands I wanted to see that I hadn’t had the opportunity to see yet. And I came up with five (and one bonus).In true Alisha fashion, they’re all over the musical genre. 


1. KISS (In full make-up and costume)

A friend of mine was able to attend their concert just this last week. I am absolutely green with envy. 


2. Jimmy Buffett (on a beach or in a boat)

Great music, the beach, and a drink in my hand. Life wouldn’t get much better than that!


3. Mumford and Sons

One of my new favorite bands, I haven’t been able to catch them in concert yet. Love their energy!


4. Sarah McLachlan

Love her voice and her lyrics. She is an excellent songwriter. 


5. Alice in Chains

Wish I could have seen them when Layne Staley was still alive. But, definitely still a band I will see one day. 

6. Staind/Aaron Lewis

Okay, okay, so I have seen Staind and Aaron Lewis multiple times, but it’s always a great show and one of my absolute faves.


I think that’s pretty good for a musical bucket list. Will definitely have to see how many of these great shows I can cross off my list. 🙂 

For now, I’m out!


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