Scary Story Entry #2

Gray Line Tours in New Orleans is having a contest. Every week they post a picture and a prompt, which you must write an ending of 100-150 words. The winner of this contest will receive free passes to a ghost camp held at the haunted Bourbon Orleans hotel. Now, I think this is a fun idea! I love New Orleans, and am always looking for a reason to go!  Here’s my second entry for their contest.


I turned my head slowly to the side.

It was him.

I had seen him at night watching me from the murky shadows of the French Quarter as I walked home from my job as a bartender on Bourbon Street.  I noticed him at first, because his long black coat was so out-of-place on such a warm, humid night.  It was an old-fashioned coat, much like you would see in the old black and white movies. I wondered if he was an actor, or a tour guide for one of the many ghost tours that trekked through the Quarter every night. Any of these were possible. It was New Orleans after all.

His hand moved from mine. He covered his lips with one finger, motioning for me to be quiet.

I froze.

The hunt was over.


Here’s to hoping I win!

I’m out!

(Want more information on the ghost camp or Gray Line Tours? Check out their Facebook Page )





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