I’m Growing Older But Not Up

A year ago, I was inspired by one blogger’s goal to complete forty things in the year before she turned forty. I didn’t come up with forty, I felt that was a little too ambitious for me. I was about to move back to Lafayette and start a new job, and trying to do forty things on top of all that, was a bit much. I decided to come up with twelve. To do one thing from my list a month until I had done them all. Twelve months of saying goodbye to a decade.

What were those twelve?

1. Go somewhere I’ve never been before. See a town I’ve never seen before.
2. See my name in print again.
3. Finish the novel I’m working on.
4. See one band on my musical bucket list.
5. Learn something new.
6. See the ocean again.
7. See a symphony or other live performance.
8. Apply for my passport.
9. Do one thing that requires me to dress up. Party down Gatsby style.
10. Stick to an exercise routine.
11. Buy an original piece of art.
12. An “Oh Yeah” crazy thing.

How did I do?

1. & 6.

Took off on the back of a Harley and rode to Perdido Key. A place I have never been, and I got to see the ocean!

Perdido Key, Florida

Perdido Key, Florida


2. Won a ghost story contest, and two tickets to a ghost tour I plan on using next week.

Grey Line Tours Contest

Grey Line Tours Contest

4. See one band on my musical bucket list. I went to see Breaking Benjamin in New Orleans. 🙂

Breaking Benjamin, New Orleans

Breaking Benjamin, New Orleans

9 and 12

Went to one of the biggest Mardi Gras balls in New Orleans. The Endymion Ball. It was probably one of the top five experiences of my life. 🙂

Endymion Ball 2015

Endymion Ball 2015

11. Buy a piece of original art.

Art By Shaun Alleman,

Art By Shaun Alleman

And the others? I have stuck to an exercise routine and lost eight pounds in the last year. I’ve learned a lot this last year. I didn’t learn how to dance or make sushi, but I did learn many other things. About the only thing I really didn’t do was apply for a passport. So I guess that will be the first thing I do when I turn forty. 🙂

So, did I accomplish my real goal? I do believe I did, and as the last few days of my thirties wind down, I still have a trip to New Orleans and more experiences ahead of me.


Here’s to my forties, and a new decade full of new experiences! May they be as exciting as the last year has!

Peace! I’m out!

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