Confessions of an Old Lady by Christina Morgan

Book Review

Confessions of an Old Lady

By: Christina Morgan


Book Synopsis:

Olivia is eager to earn her undercover stripes with the deadliest biker gang in the country…

 Agent Olivia Rockford is doing well for herself. Twenty-something arrests and more than a dozen convictions in her first year alone has her ranked among the top DEA agents. Olivia is chosen to go undercover to bring down the notorious Lords of Chaos, a motorcycle gang in her home state of Kentucky. Her mark is the good-looking bad boy VP, Sonny Jackson.

Olivia transforms into the badass Trish Sanders and snags Sonny’s attention. Now she has to keep it…

Dubbed Sonny’s “old lady,” he begins to confide in Olivia about the gang’s illegal activities, as well as their feud with rival gang, the Monsters of Mayhem. When the feud escalates, and the Monsters assassinate someone close to Sonny, Olivia uses her agent training to convince Sonny to set up a meeting to resolve their disputes.

Despite her growing feelings for Sonny, Olivia doesn’t have a choice but to pass along the details of the meeting to her supervisor…

When the DEA raids the meetings between the two gang powerhouses, Sonny quickly puts two and two together and realizes who his old lady really is. He puts a gun to Olivia’s head and demands the truth. Olivia realizes she has to tell him the truth…her real name, her assignment, and most importantly, her feelings for him despite everything.

Will Sonny be able to forgive Olivia for her crime of betrayal, or will she simply become a cautionary tale in…

Confessions of an Old Lady?

My Review

This is my second Christine Morgan story. And just like the first one, I found that once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. I’d sit down to take a break and read one chapter, next thing I knew I had read four. It’s the kind of book I like to read. The character’s are extremely real, they have their flaws just like everyone else.

Olivia rushes head-long into this undercover situation because she’s not happy with her own life. She sees it as an escape and soon finds that it may be a little more than she bargained for. I like seeing her grow and change as she becomes this new person she’s created for herself.

I like that Sonny isn’t too rough around the edges. He’s got his soft side and I like that. I think there’s a good balance with him.

The flow is great, like I said, you pick it up and before you know it, you’ve read a few chapters. This author has a very smooth writing style, that I enjoy. I will definitely be reading more of Morgan’s work.

***5 Stars***

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