“You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar”

I was driving home the other night and Katy Perry’s song, “Roar” came on. I, of course, had to turn it up and sing right along with it. This song has always been special to me because it inspired a scene for Running on Empty. In Running on Empty, Grace who sings in a band in the beginning, loses her voice because of something traumatic that has happened to her. Every time she gets up to perform, she has a panic attack. As the story progresses, her friend Noah, starts talking with her and their visits help her to find her inner strength again. When Grace’s voice comes back, it comes back with a vengeance. She “Roars”. It’s one of my favorite scenes so far in the Boonie books. Here’s the scene.

From Running on Empty

“That’s right. You never! But maybe you should. Life is about living, and enjoying it.” As soon as the words came out, Grace knew she was done with this job. At this point, if she was going down, she was going down in the proverbial flames. She was done with hiding. She was going to live again.

“Guess what?” she asked loud enough for the kids milling around to hear. “Looks like your Ms. Delchamp will be performing on this float. Let’s load up, kids. It’s time.”

She hiked her skirt up a wee bit more and went to the DJ stand manned by Mr. Benoit.

“I’ll take that mic,” she said. While he readied the music and the float began to roll, Grace took the red lipstick she often wore on stage out of her bag and applied it. She added a dash of lip gloss and teased her hair a bit more for good measure.

When the first song began to play, Grace felt a flash of fear. She nodded her head in time with the introduction. Then, when it was time for the vocals, without hesitation, Grace began to sing.


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