All I Want for Christmas…

My novella Catch and Release started many years ago. At one time it was actually my dating journal. I was determined to find a good man by Christmas.

I never did get that book published. But after getting Tangled up in You released, I realized All I Want for Christmas would be perfect for Carly, as she was always looking for a good man. It also tied in well with the series. So, I dusted it off, tweaked a few things to make it fit with the series, and sent it out into the world.

So which parts of this book are true? What is fiction? I’ll never tell. 🙂

Enjoy this excerpt from Carly’s Christmas story, All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Man.

Wednesday, November 23
Thanksgiving Eve

I sing along with Mariah Carey to her song “All I Want for Christmas is You” as I wander around my little cabin. Alone for Christmas, again. I sigh. I look
at the corner in my living room that would be perfect for a tree, a real one of course. One that would fill my apartment with that wonderful pine scent that screams, “It’s Christmas!”

I’m not putting up a tree this year. There is no point in decorating a tree for just me and Sammy, my old dachshund. This year I’ll just buy scented candles. Again.

I’m tired of being alone.

I grab my cell phone off the counter and type out a text message, cursing myself the whole time.

Hey Jack, give me a call when you can, will you?

“Idiot,” I say to myself as I press the send button. That lovely adjective was meant for me, not Jack.

My name is Carly Devereaux, and I’m a dating idiot. Jack isn’t going to reply. In fact, I’ve sworn never to call him again so many times that even I no
longer believe myself when I say, “I’m not calling him again,” or, “This is the last last time I call him!” Jeesh. When I go to delete his number from my
phone, instead of “Delete Number?” my phone says, “Again? Are you sure?” For the year and a half I’ve known him, it’s been one step forward, two steps back. We are now further back than when we started.

Other than being an idiot, I really don’t know why I’m alone for the holidays. I’m not Angelina Jolie, but I have been compared to Drew Barrymore on more than one occasion. Maybe it’s because I’m
more tomboyish than sophisticated. I wear my blonde hair in a ponytail about ninety percent of the time and flip-flops are a wardrobe staple. Or maybe it’s just my bad luck. Who knows?

It’s the holidays that have me all messed up. I love Christmas. I love putting on some Christmas carols and decorating the tree with the ornaments I’ve
collected over the years. I love cheesy Hallmark holiday movies. What I don’t love is doing all of this alone. I’ve gone a while without giving in and
sending Jack a text message. I wish I hadn’t been scrolling through the channels and seen the commercial for How the Grinch Stole Christmas, my
personal favorite. That was the trigger that had me reaching for the phone…

Will Carly find love before Christmas? Keep reading to find out! 🙂

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