Hark, The Hair Band Rockers Sing!

While playing around yesterday and looking for new rock versions of old Christmas songs, I stumbled upon another list of Christmas carols. Monster Ballad Christmas songs! Anyone who loves 80’s hairbands like I do, will love these next songs. Check them out!

1. Skid Row, “Jingle Bells”

2. Janie Lane, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

3.  Twisted Sister/Lita Ford, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”

4. Cinderella, “Blue Christmas”

5. Firehouse, “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree”

Want to hear more? Buy the CD! I’m definitely hoping that Santa puts one in my stocking this year!


For now, I’m out….The Queen is being domestic today. I think I’ll bake something. 🙂

Peace and Love,

I’m out!

Rock the Halls

I’ve decided to have a little fun this morning and talk about my second love, music. I’m taking a little break from all the serious novel writing. I’m putting the revisions, the query letters, the revised synopsis aside for a moment.

Pretty much everyone is familiar with Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” Or Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas.” But, where are all the really rockin’ Christmas songs? Mariah Carey is no Aaron Lewis. Sorry Mariah.

I did some research this morning and I’ve come up with some Christmas songs that would put any rock fan in the Christmas spirit.

1. Metallica “Carol of the Bells.”

(This song actually has been debated as to whether or not it is Metallica. Me? I just love it. And since it’s my blog it stays.)

2. U2 “Baby Please Come Home For Christmas”

3. Weezer, “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”

4. Weezer, “O Come All Ye Faithful”

5. Aaron Lewis, “Silent Night”

Of course I had to fit Aaron Lewis in there! So, that’s a few songs for rock fans like myself to enjoy this holiday season. Know some I didn’t list? Feel free to add them. I’m always excited to listen to new music.  Want more ideas? Check out the links I have below.

For now, stay tuned. A hair band version of Christmas songs is coming up soon!

Peace and love this holiday season!

I’m out




Christmas Wish 2009

Many, many, years ago when Keith was still just a toddler, I was an avid All My Children fan.  One of my favorite episodes was the “Wishing Star” episode. In this episode, it was Christmas Eve, Tad and Dixie had been separated and both were walking through the snow, alone and looking up at the stars. In true soap opera fashion, both stop and see a star and make a wish on it at the same time even though they’re nowhere around each other.

Every Christmas since, I’ve made a Christmas wish.  I usually try to make it on Christmas Eve, sometimes I make it before then and sometimes after then. And every year, I’ve done my very best to make it come true. The first year, I was married and miserable and vowed I’d be happier by the next Christmas.

I was.

When Mr. Unavailable had my life turned upside down with his constant entrances and sudden disappearances, I wished for resolutions. After three years in a row, I had it.

Third time was the charm for that one, I guess.

This year?

Well, since my Christmas wish is generally more of a Christmas resolution since it’s not generally something I leave to chance; my wish is that for the next year, I’m able to focus on ME.

I’m going to make my wish and resolve that I make this year all about ME.


Not really.

My son is 17, mostly raised, going to community college next month. He’s pretty much self-sufficient at this point.

I’ve been giving more of myself than what I’m getting in return and it’s worn me out.  It’s made me grumpy, impatient, moody, and really just not myself.

It’s time for that to change.

It’s time for me. It’s time for me to make time for ME. To do what I want. To take care of me.

And in return, I’ll be better for it. I’ll be happier, more patient, and myself.

That is my Christmas wish; I wish that 2010 will be the year of Alisha.

And I vow to make that happen.

And I’ve already started. Someone asked me last night what I was doing for Christmas Eve and I said, “Whatever I want.”

The response I got, “You go girl.”

And for the time being, that’s going to be my mantra.

“Whatever I want.”

For now, I’m off to rest and relax. This is what I WANT to do right now.

Here’s to Christmas wishes!

Hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday season.

Peace! I’m out

The Real Reasons For The Season

“Why can’t I have a normal dog like everyone else?” exclaims Charlie Brown after Snoopy comes running down the sidewalk, grabs him and Rerun by the hands, dances around for a bit then throws them in the snow.

“But you’re lucky to HAVE a dog, Charlie Brown!” says Rerun who wants his own dog for Christmas.

How often do we do this? We take for granted what we have, thinking about what could be better or normal, or whatever. We don’t stop to think that the one thing we complain about is the one thing someone else wants. We complain about paying the house note, or want a bigger and better house and forget that’s the one thing someone else wants.

I was Charlie Brown for a bit this Christmas. Only I was saying, ‘Why can’t I buy Christmas gifts for everyone that I want to?” And a few nights ago, it hit me that I couldn’t buy that many because I have so many friends. Isn’t friendship a gift in itself? Only it’s a gift that gives all year, not one day and it’s definitely not anything you can buy in any store. I don’t think anyone ever really says, “Why do I have to have so many friends?” (I have been known to say, “Why can’t I have normal friends like everyone else?” But that’s beside the point.)

Christmas has become so commercialized. In fact, even the questions that we ask each other have even become about the gifts. We ask each other, “Have you gotten your Christmas shopping done?”, “What are you buying so and so for Christmas?”  It’s tough sometimes to remember the real reason for the season.

One of my goals for this Christmas is to stop thinking about what I can’t have/buy/don’t have/etc. And think about and treasure the wonderful things that I do have/can buy/can have. I want to embrace the positive and throw out the negative. And that’s not just a goal for Christmas. I think this actually may become one of my New Year’s Resolutions.

My other goal would be to give the gifts of time and friendship all year round next year. There are a few friends I’ve drifted away from that I’d like to reconnect with.  And there are friends I have that I want to continue to be there for, to help and support and to continue to make memories with.

After all, isn’t that really one of the things that Christmas is about? Spreading love and cheer? Shouldn’t we do this all year?

I think so.                    

For now, I’m off to write my 2000 words today, then get started packing. Looks like I have a long drive tomorrow.

Peace, love, and friendship!

I’m out!

Here I Come A-Caroling

It’s that time of year again, when I finally stop bah-humbing and get into the Christmas spirit. For some reason, this always seems to coincide with finally being out on Christmas break.

One thing I LOVE about Christmas is the carols.Not surprising when you consider how much I love music.

Soooooo….sounds to me like it’s about time for yet another musical blog.

My top five favorite Christmas carols.

1. The Carol of The Bells (The Metallica Version)

2. All I Want for Christmas Is You, Mariah Carey

3. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, sung by Sarah McLachlan

4. I’ll Be Home For Christmas, sung by Sheryl Crow

And last but not least, my absolute favorite…..

5. Hard Candy Christmas by Dolly Parton

And a little lagniappe…Two videos I ran across while searching….Enjoy

Larry The Cable Guy’s Twisted Carols

Twisted Sister’s Heavy Metal Christmas

Here’s to Christmas and some great music!

Peace ya’ll. I’m out!