FWB, Booty Calls, and Bed (Bugs) Buddies

“She’s not my lady
She’s just a girl on the side….”—-Travis Matte, “Booty Call”

I was reading through my old blogs yesterday, picking some to post on urbis to get some feedback. I’m thinking of putting a few together and submitting them to a magazine or putting a bunch of them together and trying to publish them in a collection.

As I was reading, I realized there’s really one type of relationship I hadn’t addressed yet.

The bed buddy

The friends with benefits (or FWB)

The booty call

While I was a member of Match.com, Yahoo Personals, and some of the other online dating sites (yes, I tried them all, I think), it was amazing to me how many guys were really looking for this kind of situation.  (If you need any feedback on dating sites, I’m your girl! I’m quite the expert!)

No committment, no responsibility, no emotional connection.


I’m not sure how many women are looking for the same thing.

I’ve had female friends tell me it’s a good thing, and some say that it’s a bad thing.

On one hand, I can see how it’s a good idea. One can live their life as they choose without having to answer to anyone. You can hang out with friends, go on dates with other guys, whatever. There’s no real emotional connection, so there’s no real chance of getting hurt. I think it’s a little like having your cake and eating it too.

The bad?

There’s no real emotional connection. And if there’s no emotional connection should you really be doing something like that at all? Is passion enough?

I don’t know.

I guess if I want to find out I can re-subscribe to the online personals and find out.


Yeah, right.

I might get something penicillin won’t get rid of.

And I’m allergic to penicillin anyway.

I’d have no chance whatsoever of finding someone with hives all over me and vomit in my hair.

Probably not a good idea for me.


Until next time……


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