Hark, The Hair Band Rockers Sing!

While playing around yesterday and looking for new rock versions of old Christmas songs, I stumbled upon another list of Christmas carols. Monster Ballad Christmas songs! Anyone who loves 80’s hairbands like I do, will love these next songs. Check them out!

1. Skid Row, “Jingle Bells”

2. Janie Lane, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

3.  Twisted Sister/Lita Ford, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”

4. Cinderella, “Blue Christmas”

5. Firehouse, “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree”

Want to hear more? Buy the CD! I’m definitely hoping that Santa puts one in my stocking this year!


For now, I’m out….The Queen is being domestic today. I think I’ll bake something. 🙂

Peace and Love,

I’m out!

The Crue, Live!

I was lounging around last night, reading some blogs, when I came across one that I just had to share by Music Review Zone. Most of you know my love for the great hair bands, and Motley Crue was one of the best. “Home Sweet Home” is probably the BEST power ballad ever.

Motley Crue and DeepRockDrive have teamed up to televise a concert from the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. Never having had the opportunity to see them live in concert, this is an intriguing prospect for me. Granted, I’m not in Vegas, I’m not at the concert, but I’m able to view the concert live in real time from the comfort of my home.

No crowds, no lighters to catch my hair on fire, a great seat, and all the beverages I want within arms reach.

And guess what?

All you have to do is go to DeepRockDrive’s website, register, and on Friday August 1st, tune in to see the concert.

I think it’s a pretty cool idea.

I’ll definitely be checking it out.

For more info…..check out Music Review Zone’s blog on the concert….


Here’s to the Crue, concerts, and hair bands!


I’m out!