Earl, Karma, and Mother Theresa

My Name is Earl has to be one of my favorite tv shows. Not only is it hilarious, it has a good message as well.

Earl, the main character, has done a lot of bad things in his life. After winning money on  a lottery scratch-off, he gets hit by a car. Somewhere in that scenario, he decides to make his “Karma List”. He’s listed all the bad things he’s done to people and sets out to make them right, improving his karma as well.

I believe in karma. I believe you get what you give. What goes around does tend to come back around. Good or bad.

I always try to do the right thing. I can’t say that I do, that would make me perfect and perfect is one thing that I’m definitely not.

If you give kindness and compassion, you get kindness and compassion in return. If you give hatred and impatience, you get hatred and impatience in return. You probably won’t have many friends either.

Another thing that Earl talks about is how good he feels after crossing something off his list. He enjoys making other people feel better.  How many of us try to do something on a regular basis just to make someone feel better?

A few months ago I read a quote by Mother Theresa. She said, “In this life we cannot do great things, we can only do small things with great love.” After I read that, I tried to start doing weekly “Small Things”  One week, I bought enough food for a meal for one needy family and put it in our grocery store’s food bank box.  And it made me feel good. I’m so blessed to always have enough to have food on my table.  Not everyone is. Especially not these days with this economy the way it is.

I did it again this morning when I bought my weekly groceries. I bought enough food to give a needy family a meal. And again, it made me feel good.

It made me stop and think. Maybe karma is more than being nice to people or trying to always do the right thing. Maybe it’s also going out of your way to do something for someone else. Just like Earl does. It’s not easy for him to make amends to everyone on his list.

And it’s not always convenient or easy to do something for someone else. But it is worth it.  So, I’m challenging myself to keep trying to do something for someone else. Something that may make life just a little easier for someone else.

After all, we’re all fighting the same battle.


I’m out!

The Secret?

While I was reading All I Want again, the book I wrote two years ago, I couldn’t help but notice the references I made to my karma.

“I have bad karma.”

“Obviously my karma is still off….”

“Maybe I just have bad CARBRA.” (That’s when I was trying the no-carb diet.)

I was thinking of my karma this morning. Why would one’s karma be bad, and what can one do to improve it?

Karma is basically what you give to the world, the world returns to you. It’s that old “what comes around, goes around” theory. If you are mean, meanness is returned to you. Now, I’ve always tried to do good things, I don’t want what’s coming around for me to bite me in the behind. Why, then, would I have bad karma?

Someone told me about this movie based on this new theory called “The Secret”. I did some research on this today, after thinking that maybe what I needed was a new way of looking at things.

After viewing this program on Youtube for a whole ten minutes, I clicked off. It’s not for me. I don’t believe in the “law of attraction”. You’re supposed to visualize wealth, love, a new home, whatever, and by picturing it in your head, you are attracting it.

Now, any of you who are thinking about commenting that I attract commitment-phobic men because I myself am commitment-phobic, can just zip it for now. LOL.

That’s beside the point.

I like commitment-phobic men because it suits me right now. I am where I am. 🙂

Anyway, I don’t buy the whole theory behind “The Secret”. Maybe I didn’t watch enough of it, but I prefer to pray, reflect, and plan when it comes to something that I want.

I don’t think my constant picturing of a French Quarter apartment is going to make it happen. I need to plan, get off my behind and write, and say a few prayers.

That to me is “The Secret”.

And the same goes for my karma, my love life, my finances, my life in general. I know what I want from all these aspects of my life. I know what I want when it comes to my love life. I know what I want out of my finances, and my life. I can visualize all this in my head, but does that make it so?

Not necessarily.

It takes hard work, plans, and determination for some of these things. Actually, probably for all these things. Any guy who I choose to be in a relationship with is probably going to be a challenge. Simply because guys with no spine do not appeal to me in the least.

Is my karma as bad as it was?

I don’t think so.

I’m pretty happy with the way my life is going right now. Yes, I would like more money, but who wouldn’t?

I think it’s more about visualizing what you want, then making a plan to make it happen. And that’s not really a secret. That’s what people have been doing for centuries.

Anway, I’m off to finish cooking. I visualized this morning that I wanted a sauce piquant for dinner and I made it happen. It’s now simmering on the stove. YUM!

Here’s to living life on your own terms and good karma


I’m out!